No talking required... feel better quickly

If you feel overloaded or are struggling with an issue that is affecting your life,  HeartSpeak can help. 

HeartSpeak is a new, groundbreaking stress reduction therapy. Stress is known to show itself in all kinds of symptoms - physical ones like digestive problems, skin rashes and pain and also mental and emotional ones like anxiety, fears and low mood..  

During a HeartSpeak session, layers of feelings and reactions are resolved quickly and safely. There is no need to divulge your innermost secrets and many people find the privacy and lack of talking in this new approach very refreshing.


HeartSpeak works beautifully with the other change therapies of CBT, Hypnosis and NLP, so very often your personalised treatment plan will be a combination of some or all of these and we will discuss this together at the outset. HeartSpeak can also be offered as a standalone therapy and is certainly a great tool for 'emotional housekeeping and maintenance' to get and keep you in the place you want to be. 

What People Say About HeartSpeak

Rachel says...

I am genuinely blown away by the difference HeartSpeak has made. Sarah put me at ease and explained the process, the concept and the principles behind it. We had the session via Skype. All I can say is wow, and thank you Sarah! The impact of HeartSpeak was immediate, I could physically feel the stress, anxiety and worry leaving me. I feel the happiest and most at peace I've felt in around 18 months! I haven't had a panic attack since my HeartSpeak session, my motivation is vastly increased, I've been socialising more and feel back to my happy, normal self. I have Inflammatory Arthritis, and although sadly HeartSpeak cannot fix that, it has had an impact. Stress badly exacerbates my condition but putting that stress to rest, and leaving it behind me thanks to HeartSpeak, has no doubt had a positive effect on my physical health, as well as my mental health. I've certainly got more energy and been sleeping better which is pretty amazing given the difficulty I have had with sleep the last year. Thank you so so much Sarah, my only regret is that I didn't discover HeartSpeak sooner.

Emily says...

This lady is amazing....I was a sceptic before I met her and now I couldn't recommend her sessions more highly. I really think that anyone and everyone would benefit from a HeartSpeak session, but if you have deep and/or difficult issues that even you don't understand - this is what you need. I 100% believe these sessions are life changing.

Emma says...

I totally recommend this amazing approach to reveal and release your known/unknown stresses & anxieties. After just 10 minutes I felt a huge sense of inner peace, and a recent debilitating ligament type pain in my left leg completely disappeared! I'm still running up and downstairs now to  appreciate it!