"My teenage daughter suffered a traumatic experience several months ago and has been struggling with extreme anxiety and sleeping issues since then.

I contacted Sarah and she assured me she could help. She came to our home and worked with my daughter to put her at ease and reassure her. 

The session went really well and we saw a dramatic improvement. We felt like we had our fun loving, happy daughter back. After a second session her sleep has improved  so much that not only does she no longer need our support in the night, she is going to bed unprompted and getting up in the morning without our intervention.

It really has been life changing and we couldn't have got to this place without Sarah and her expertise.We can't thank Sarah enough! I just wish I'd called her sooner. Thank you, thank you for bringing our lovely daughter back"

Through the Fence


I thought I was trapped in my mind forever. You gave me  the skills to set myself free



Working with Sarah has had a huge impact on my life... now I don't dread going to bed.

Fear - head in hands.jpg


I was blown away by how different I felt after just one session. I cannot recommend this type of therapy enough

Airplane Engine

Fear of Flying

I have booked my holiday to Greece and am looking forward to flying...thank you!

Business Partners at Work

Work Stress

This amazing approach reveals & releases your unknown as well as your known stresses and anxieties

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I don't just feel like I've got my life back, it feels like a completely new life.