HeartSpeak Retreats

at The Light House, Ogston Reservoir

Kick back and relax..... make some huge emotional shifts or anything in between, there's a place and a time for you in the peace and quiet of The Light House at Ogston Reservoir. Come by yourself, with your partner or a friend and feel the burdens of life lifted off you as you Refocus and Reset. A HeartSpeak Retreat enables you to experience the quick and simple Mind/ Body HeartSpeak Therapy away from home in ease and comfort. Your Retreat is completely personal and completely private. No other guests... just you.

You may have 'BIG' stuff to work on... maybe you've tried other therapies and you're still struggling or maybe life has thrown some curved balls at you lately and you just feel out of sorts or low? You'll also learn some practical tools for Relaxation as well as taking home some Sleep Soundly audio that has helped countless people turn off the day.

HeartSpeak Retreats are generally available from Monday afternoon to Wednesday late morning. If you require different days or dates from those offered please get in touch and I'll see if I am able to help.

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Available Dates

November 7th to 9th
November 14th to 16th
November 21st to 23rd
December 5th to 7th

December 12th to 14th
January 16th to 18th
January 23rd to 25th
February 6th to 8th