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NADA explained

I was introduced to NADA Ear Acupuncture in 2020 by my Oncologist. He suggested I try it to treat the hormonal hot flushes caused by menopause and my cancer treatment. It is routinely offered by UK Breast and Prostate Cancer Charities across the UK, plus is in wide use in UK Prisons and the NHS Drug & Alcohol Service.

The NADA treatment model follows a protocol, developed at the Lincoln Recovery Centre in New York in the 1970's to aid detox, recovery and well being in heroin addicts.

The process involves the gentle insertion of up to five tiny, single use, sterilised needles into specific energetic points in the outer ear. 

The five ear points are :

(1)  Sympathetic – calms the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation.

(2)  Shen Men / “Spirit Gate” – reduces anxiety and nervousness.

(3)  Kidney Point – for calming fears and healing internal organs.

(4)  Liver Point – for detoxification, blood purification, and to quell aggression.

(5)  Lung Point – promotes aeration and helps clients let go of grief.

The outer ear acts like a switchboard, sending impulses to the brain, stimulating the release of endorphins, lowering stress and inducing relaxation. The Vagus Nerve is the primary nerve of the Rest & Relax part of our nervous system, connecting the brain to the gut via much of the nervous system. Due to it's position behind the ears, it is assumed that it's stimulation of this vital nerve that creates such a personal response to a NADA treatment. The NADA protocol has been found effective for a wide range of conditions.

During treatment it's common for people to fall asleep, experience a meditative state or just feel calm and relaxed.

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The Hot Ladies Club

Now you can experience NADA ear Acupuncture in a small group setting at Eye Candy in Chesterfield most Monday evenings at 6pm. Feel the additional benefit of being guided through Relaxation as the acupuncture goes to work on your Nervous System. I write and record these Guided Relaxations especially to help off load stress and maximise the impact of your NADA treatment. Places are limited and booking is required to secure your seat. Come along with a friend or grab some rare moments to support your own wellbeing. it's £43 a session including the bonus Relaxation experience. At this moment in time I have discounted this treatment price down to £35. 

Reserve your place for next Monday or any Monday between now and Christmas: drop me a text or Whatsapp to 07707 067300 with your name, email address and number and you're in!

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Just For You 

If you'd prefer to experience NADA privately or aren't free to bag a seat in The Hot Ladies Club on Monday evenings, you can book 121 NADA at Ogston Reservoir at a time and day to suit you. £58 per session or £45 each if you come with a friend or partner.

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